Monday, December 7, 2009

2009 Year in Review

This year as I sit writing our annual year-in-review the household buzzes with all the excitement of a growing family.  Aiden tirelessley attempts his first somersault in the living room (toppling into walls and stray trains) while Finn coos on my lap, offering his crooked little smile in the direction of his brother's squeals and laughter.  Of course the situation could disintegrate at any moment, leaving behind trails of tears, soiled clothes, shirts covered in spit-up... but for now our Christmas lights twinkle and there is peace in the Scanga household.

Shortly after the new year we celebrated Aiden's first birthday.  Despite a few toddler-sized meltdowns, Aiden was thrilled with the cake, presents, and most of all the endless attention of a day all about him!  A few weeks later, however, we learned that the Scanga family would grow to include a new member and that Aiden-centered days would soon come to a close.

The spring flew by as we prepared for our new baby.  As Joel finished up the school year Kim and Aiden enjoyed frequent visits to the library (where he played with his beloved Thomas trains while Mom caught up on the latest Real Simple magazine), their weekly playgroup, and of course the local kid's park.

The summer was full of just about all the fun Kim and her growning belly could handle.  The days were filled with trips to a nearby amusement park (where Aiden fell in love with the sports cars and train rides), visits to the Pittsburgh Zoo and Children's Musuem, and attempts (mostly failed) to make it through the entire nine innings of Major League baseball games.  Then, in the very early morning of September 1st, Aiden's first cousin was born, Kayla Noel.  Kim and Aiden were able to enjoy a few days in Lancaster with Kim's sister and her new family.

Along with hay rides and leaf piles, fall brought the newest addition to the Scanga family, Finn David.  Finn was born on October 7th (a very long week and a half late) at 7:27am, just as the sun rose over the horizon.  Aiden was thrilled with his new baby brother and Finn is now the recipient of more Aiden kisses than any member of the Scanga family (a fact well-documented for future embarrasment).  Though having a newborn in the house is a major adjustment for everyone, we are surprised daily by the amount of love we feel for both our boys and already can't imagine life without Finn.

Thank you for your interest in our life and family... stay tuned for future updates!   

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