Monday, August 1, 2011

Week one (let the journey begin)

We arrived just six days ago, though it seems much longer.  Our days here seem to alternate tiring and frustrating with exciting and encouraging.  On the more overwhelming days I can't seem to remember how we got here, or why.

But on the good days I just plain old can't believe we are here.  With a view of tiled roofs and blooming gardens from our window, a picturesque village just minutes from our home, and a beautiful mountain backdrop everywhere we turn at times it feels like stepping into a movie scene.

Of course when it takes ten frustrating minutes to communicate, "Large pepperoni pizza, carryout," our little fantasy turns very real.

Between the logistics and paperwork of moving to a new country, furnishing an empty home, and giving our two wonderful, but needy children the attention they crave, it can feel like too much.

Throw in a language barrier and the simple trip to McDonalds becomes a daunting task that in all honesty, we are sometimes just not willing to take on.

But there are moments that let me know we are just adjusting, and in the end we'll be okay.

Like our first successful trip to the grocery store, where the location and purchase of food and drink felt monumental and left us giddy as we loaded up and took off for home.

Or navigating the food line at ikea, returning to our table with lunch, coffee, and the boys' first bites of ice cream here in Hungary (okay, so it was really chocolate mousse, but it worked.)

Or picnicing on the floor of our empty home watching the kids dive into yet another piece of pizza.  Content together, on our small blanket, with nothing around us at all.

It is just our beginning here.  Aiden is anxious for friends.  He told us today he wants to go share with some kids.  Any kids.  And something must be wrong if a three year-old is wanting to share at all.

And though we don't express it with tantrums and tears, we're anxious too.  To find our place here.  To make friends.  To hold a  conversation that does not relate to purchasing anything.

But it's part of the process and while we're tired and worn, we're also happy and hopeful.

Each day is a little easier and we are grateful for that.

Thank you for joining us on our journey.  It won't always be smiling faces and nudey little butts on the beach, but it is nice to know there are people with us, no matter how many miles in between.

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